Skechers Go Run Ride 3 Extreme

I got the Skechers Go Run Ride 3 Extreme in November 2014. I needed a pair of runners to get me through the winter months and these have certainly helped with that.

Skechers describe them as all-weather shoes, they have construction similar to the GOrun Ride 3, except now improved with weather-proof! This is a must when running in the winter in Ireland.

They are extremely light at 8.4oz, comfortable and come with Special All Weather GOdri three layer edition that really helps on those long wet winter nights. They are designed to promote mid foot strike, come with removable insoles for a custom fit and have Agion odor protection.

The three layers are divided into

Layer 1: Water resistant protective exterior barrier

Layer 2: Micro-porous membrane allows air to pass through while keeping water out

Layer 3: Form-fitting and moisture-wicking mesh interior

Having used the Go Run Ride 3 Extreme on a wide variety of runs in the wind ,heavy rain and sunshine on a variety of surfaces including Grass, Trails and Tarmac over various distances from 5km park runs to half marathon and 30km training runs I can say I am very pleased with them, I have had no pains or blisters. Skechers runners are priced on the lower scale compared to other brands they are competing with but they are definitely not lacking in quality.

I would highly recommend these as a great all weather running shoe.


Sketchers Go Run Ride 3

I have been running for many years now and have tried most top brands of running shoes during that time. In 2012 I was introduced to the Sketchers Go Run 2 runners, I was totally blown away by them they are extremely light, comfortable, and supportive and they look great. Recently I got the chance to review a pair of the Sketchers Go Run Ride 3. I did not think that Sketchers could improve on Sketchers Go Run 2 but they have and here is my feedback on them so far.

I am currently following a strict marathon training plan and doing more miles than I have ever done before and have been using the Sketchers Go Run Ride 3 for the full duration of that plan.

The Sketchers Go Run Ride 3 have improved cushioning which I find great on the weekend long runs. At a weight of 8.4 oz the Go Run Ride 3 are extremely lightweight and without doubt the most comfortable runners I have ever run in.

I have used the Go Run Ride 3 for runs from 5km to 30 km in rain, wind and beautiful sunshine on beaches, tarmac, park trails and grass surfaces and have had not a single pain or any blisters. I would highly recommend these The Go Run Ride 3 come in a wide range of colours and are priced on the lower price scale when compared to other brands they are competing against.

FX Sport Wireless headphones

This product is simply amazing an essential piece of equipment for anyone interested in sports or looking for a wireless headphones with great sound quality.

As a member of a running club and other members of my club have used this product on hundreds of occasions and its no essential piece of my training routine who needs a personal trainer when you have the FX-Sport VR1.

I have never had headphones that sits so perfectly on my head so much so you would not even know they were there if it was not for the hugely impressive sound quality of voice command depending what you choose.

The workout store is amazing with a huge amount of training workouts to choose from I would regularly use this for fartlek on my own or as part of the running club and I feel having this product pushes you to work harder to achieve whatever your own personal goal is. I have also used the edit option on some workouts and cannot believe the wide variety of options you have here allowing you to pin point a time during your exercise where you focus on a specific area of your that workout. I have also used the Virtual Athlete option and find that again focuses you more on the task at hand makes you work harder and improves your fitness overall

The build quality is amazing as I have said the running group and I have used this on hundreds of occasions in wind and very heavy rain in Various races from 10km to marathon. The battery life in this product has never left me down and I have used it up for well over 4 hours on a single charge.

Even with all the miles I have run with Its still as good as new and way ahead of any product I have used in the past. I am yet to use the swim option on the product but I have no doubt based on my experience of the product it will work as intended.

What I love most about this is the fact that they are wireless and the quality of the sound. I used to use my MP3 player with a set of premium sports headphones and found the wires got in the way when running or using equipment in the gym this can get very frustrating during your work out. The fact that they are wireless and the way the sit on your head makes them the perfect headphones

I did not know what to expect from the customer support team in FX previous companies like them I have dealt with always had a very poor customer service team. I found the FX team to be the exact opposite any questions I have asked have been answered very detailed polite and quick manner.

Would I recommend this product YES and have done to many of my colleagues in the running club a must for anybody looking to increase there fitness levels an essential piece of kit for any Gym bag

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