The Snugpak Bivvi Bag

The Snugoak Bivvi bag is extremely compact and weighing only 340 grams is extremely light. I have plans this summer to spend a lot more time trail running and I wanted to invest in a good quality bivvi bag in case of an emergency. The Snugpak is extremely well made with paratex dry fully waterproof fabric with a Hydrostatic head in excess of 5000m you are guaranteed to stay nice and dry even in the worst of weather conditions. It comes in its own handy storage sack and because of its size it’s a product that will easily fit into any race vest or backpack. The bag can be used on its own in an emergency or added as a protective shell for any Snugpak sleeping bag to provide a waterproof layer and some additional warmth. The bag is windproof and extremely breathable and comes in three colours Olive, Black or Coyote Tan. I have used this bag a few times to test it over the last few weeks but due to our beautiful weather conditions have been unable to test it outdoors in the rain.To test the product today I asked for some assistance from my kids who were delighted to get the opportunity to cover daddy in freezing cold water but lucky for me I had the Snugpak Bivvi Bag.You will see in the pictures despite my two daughters soaking the bag for several minutes I came out 100 % dry with a smile on my face. Would I recommend this bag? yes for sure I would, it is my opinion that a good Bivvi bag is a requirement for any running or hiking bag. This one is waterproof, windproof, extremely small, extremely light and if you are in an accident where you have to wait for emergency services you will be delighted to have it.

Bivvi in storage bag
Bivvi Rolled out and ready to go
All ready to get soaked
The bag even withstands a child with a shovel

IMG_3401 IMG_3406 IMG_3415 IMG_3422 IMG_3445 IMG_3470

Nice and dry

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