The Falcon is extremely easy to put up and take down. It’s a lot smaller than a regular tent but one thing you notice straight away, it’s built to last with more comfort and greater durability than you see in a traditional Bivi Bag. When you open up the storage bag the Falcon is supplied in you will see the Bivi tent, Waterproof cover and a storage bag that includes the Pegs and lightweight aluminium poles.

When you setup the Falcon Bivi you will notice hooped poles which you use over your head in the tent. The poles are extremely strong and allow for plenty head room and keeping the built in mosquito net well back from your face. The tent is very well ventilated and at no stage will you feel as claustrophobic as you would in a traditional Bivi Bag. The Bivi tent comes with four pegs, two for the base of the tent and two for the top allowing for extra stability within the tent.

The Highlander Falcon Bivi is a 4 season tent that is constructed of a very durable nylon fabric with a hydrostatic head of 10,000, meaning it will not leak even during the heaviest downpours of rain. All the seams in the tent are waterproof taped so there is no chance of water getting in through them. The groundsheet is also treated with a waterproof and breathable coating allowing for additional comfort, this also assist‘s with condensation as I did not come across any such issues while using tent

The Highlander Falcon Bivi is extremely compact and is the perfect choice for anybody looking to travel light. At a weight of 1.1kg .I would highly recommend the product and think the bag is well suited to trail runners, Hunters or any individuals looking to spend some time in the great outdoors

Bivy Tent in storage bag
All rolled out and ready to go
Plenty Head Room


IMG_3373 IMG_3375

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