Authentic RDX Ladies Gel Gloves Fitness Women Gym Wear Exercise Workout Training

I got these gloves in a small (I’m 5 foot 1 with small hands) and they were a perfect fit. I have used them in various classes including Circuit training, Interval training and TRX

They are extremely comfortable and are manufactured to an extremely high standard. They have a strap that secures the gloves tight to your hand allowing you to feel safe lifting any size weight. The gloves have a strap on the lower palm making it easy to pull on and on two of the inside fingers there is some extra leather to help removing them which I love. The glove is made of Amara Leather with the back of the glove made from Coolmax Lycra allowing the glove to be pretty breathable. The gloves have additional breathability between the fingers with the lycra material, no more sweaty palms, literally. They are cushioned in all the right places making lifting a lot more comfortable and giving a great grip preventing slippage. They are in fact so comfortable I no longer get calluses at the base of my fingers when lifting and almost look forward to weight training.  I also don’t feel the need to remove them in between weight lifts and floor work like I’ve done with other gloves. On top of it all the design is lovely and girly with the colour being very on trend.

These gloves are without doubt the best I have used and I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a versatile glove to assist with strength training or any form of cross fit. I love them.

Please check out the RDX site for more information

A very handy strap for pulling on your gloves
Tabs on the fingers makes it very easy to remove the gloves
Padding in all the right places
Love my pretty gloves

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