Authentic RDX Gel Weight lifting Fitness Training Gloves Gym Workout

I got these gloves in XL and there a very nice fit. I have used these during Kettlebell, TRX and boot camp training classes.

I found them to be of great build quality and extremely comfortable. The gloves have a strap that goes across the back of the glove to keep the gloves tight with no sliding or movement when lifting even the biggest of weights. There is plenty of padding throughout the palm of the glove to allow for plenty cushioning, with very handy tabs on top of two of the fingers allowing you to take off the gloves without any effort. The gloves are very breathable and come with a stretch “ventilator mesh” construction greatly reducing the amount of perspiration, even during the most vigorous of workouts. They can be very easily washed by hand and dry in a pretty short amount of time.

I would highly recommend these gloves for anybody interested in any form of strength training. They are the best gloves I have used and are a must have for any gym bag.

Please check out the RDX site for more information

Extremly good padding
Very Comfortable
Well ventilated

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