BUFF® Original

I got the BUFF® original June 2014 to stop me getting sun burned during my long summer runs. They are soft breathable and made of 100 percent Microfiber Polyester, completely seamless, Quick drying and extremely comfortable.

It’s a very flexible product with over 12 ways to wear it. I have used it daily over the winter and the summer while out for a run, Cycle, and during my commute to work. In the summer I used it as a Bandana, Pirate Hat, sweat band and during the winter I used it as a neck Gaiter to keep the cold away.

The fabric is very comfortable and it really lives up to its promise of wicking the moisture and is very breathable.

BUFF® products come in a variety of designs and colours and can be customised for your needs.

The Buff did a great job keeping my head cold during the summer and keeping the sweat from running into my eyes. I used it to run my first marathon this year and find it to be an essential piece of kit for running.

This winter I came across one unexpected benefit, the BUFF® is also great at keeping the cold off your neck when running Cycling or during my journey to work. I have used the BUFF® Bandana, High UV and Reflective BUFF® and found them all to have the same high standards. I highly recommend the BUFF® products for value and quality, you will not get better.

For more information on the BUFF® please check out there website http://www.buffwear.co.uk/


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